A (Partial) History of chi.queers

Tonight’s chi.queers party was another big success. I think it was one of the larger parties at CHI this year, and I was proud to be a co-host, along with J, CV, and CL. CL asked about the history. I realized that I didn’t really remember the history, even though I was there for most of them. So, to whit, a reconstruction of chi.queers over the years, based on surviving journals, e-mails, and photographs.

I started attending CHI in 1997, and have registered for 18 CHIs since then. The exact number gets tricky because there were several years where I “crashed” CHI. I would go to the city that CHI was in, hang out with friends, but not worry about actually going to any of the sessions. (In many conference centers, you can even hang out in the hallways; you just can’t go into the rooms themselves.) I’m pretty proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with chi.queers, and make it into one of the better parties at CHI.

Anyway, here’s my notes of when we had parties over the years. At some point, I’ll try to put together a similar list for CSCW. If I wasn’t in the city, I don’t even try to see if there was an event that year.

Year City Attended Role CHI.Queers
1997 Atlanta A SV Maybe 1
1998 Los Angeles *    
1999 Pittsburgh A SV Maybe 2
2000 Den Hague A SV No 3
2001 Seattle A DC Private 4
2002 Minneapolis A SV Maybe
2003 Fort Lauderdale A SV Maybe
2004 Vienna A SVC No
2005 Portland A R No
2006 Monteal * SVC  
2007 San Jose *    
2008 Florence A R Private 4
2009 Boston *    
2010 Atlanta A R Maybe?
2011 Vancouver - Maybe?
2012 Austin A R Maybe?
2013 Paris R No
2014 Toronto A R Yes
2015 Seoul A R Yes
2016 San Jose S R ??
2017 Denver A R Yes
2018 Montreal A R Yes
2019 Glasgow A R Yes
2020 Virtual * * No
2021 Virtual * * No
2022 New Orleans A Yes  

Attendance Records: * - Did not attend; † - Did not register; S - Got sick and missed much

Roles: SV - Student Volunteer; DC - Doctoral Consortium; SVC - Student Volunteer Co-Chair; R - Regular attendee.

  1. This was my first CHI; I might have tried something, but it’s at that uncomfortable point in the past that it was far after paper was a viable way to archive e-mail, but far before the limitless plains of storage we have now. 

  2. AH or “Nokia Man” might have helped in planning out CHI.Queers around this time frame. (I should ask YJ if she knew Nokia Man! I have a few pictures for reference). 

  3. A lot of my student efforts were put into the SV program, so chi.queers missed that energy. 

  4. For several years, I would host a private party at the time the CHI.queers party would have been held. This was mostly getting an astoundingly large suite in Seattle, and then a very well-placed hotel with a massive roof-top deck in Florence.  2