Bacon Strip - The Seven Deadly Sins

As Cunard used to say, “Getting There is Half the Fun.” I ended up walking to Jules Mae again. At one point, I walked by a restaurant, and there was someone that looked vaguely familiar. Then I managed to place him; I had been in one of AJ’s Hump films with him.

This walk, I took the low road; Airport way is much less interesting or as nice as going over Beacon Hill. At Jules Mae, I arrived at 18:45, and got my food at 19:45. It was surprisingly bad service. I ended up getting an ok, but not great seat, mostly by reserving it at 19:30.

The show started out with Sylvia and Honey talking about Jinkx’s Broadway debut, and their memories of her as a young drag queen just starting at Bacon Strip. The theme of the night was “The Seven Deadly Sins;” it was hard to tell exactly what sin some of the acts referred to, but my best guess or host answer is in the run of show.

Run of Show:

  • (Pride) Sylvia O’Stayformore - (I should know it.)

    • It was interesting to Sylvia call herself “a small town drag queen.” Also, it took me a few seconds to realize she was lip-syncing to a recording of herself. Strawberry made the same mistake, “Where’s her microphone?”
  • (Gluttony) Baby Justice - “Sara Lee”

    • A song about the bakery Sara Lee, and the queen gave us cookies. What more could you want?
  • (Sloth) Bobbie Joe Blessings - “1812 Overture”

    • She couldn’t even be bothered to take some tips. It got better and better; once I realized the tiredness and slowness was part of the act. I’m not the fastest at these things.
  • (Greed) Strawberry Shartcake - “Greedy” (Ariana Grande)

  • (Unknown) James Darling - [Own Words, Dionne Warwick]

  • Old Witch - “Woman to Woman” (Tammy Wynette)

  • (Unknown) Honey Bucket - “Cum Magnet” (Miss Honey Bucket)

    • Another lip-sync to her own recording. At some point, I need to write a blog post about why I have a cum rag with “Mark” embroidered on it.

– Interval–

  • (Pride) - Sylvia O’Stayformore - “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Own recording)

  • Baby Justin - “Everybody’s Girl” (Sung / Jinkx Monsoon)

  • (Vanity) James Darling - “One Day More(?)” (Les Miz), “Dance Ten, Looks Three” (A Chorus Line)

  • Bobbie Joe Blessings - (Unknown)

  • Old Witch - “Off and On” (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

    • How did I miss this entire album? I’m so out of it.
  • Strawberry Shartcake - “Tonight, Make Love Till We Die” (SSQ)

  • Honey Bucket - (Own Song, but based on a Taylor Swift song)

The show was surprisingly triggering for me; Strawberry’s auto-erotic asphyxiation reminded me of Pup Phoenix, there was some child safety stuff, and eating disorders. I need to remember that this is just a show.